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HOllywood... i'm coming


Sure, it's a little bit snooty to say something like this, but I really work for this big life-time goal.


About me. Since my 7th birthday it was settled, I will work with Film. Why? It was a fluke, my dad had bought a Camera for the scheduled holiday in Canada. After 4 weeks non-stop filming, my dad had loose his interest  to follow up the film making. That was the time for me. I snatched the unused camera and started shooting movies.

Everybody surrounded on me was a welcome victim. I took what I got. Additional, I was a really child of the early 90s grown up with the TV.


Now, I'm in the middle of the 30ties, father of 2 kids and quite realistic what it means to become a director in the film business. It is a hard way and I have learned to step 2 times backward before I go one forward. My target is still the same. To become one of Hollywood's settled film director. I work everyday (next to my job) to come a little bit closer my vision. Sometimes (like 2012-2013) I make a big leap, sometimes (like 2016) a small step. But I'm tireless in motion. I guess that is one of my human-skill, never give up, never standing still!


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